Wise Bagel is the brain-child of owner/operator Tamara Wise. As a long-time resident of Bloorcourt, and a life-long eater of Jewish foods, I've long felt that there was a glaring lack of bagels and smoked fish in our neighbourhood. The idea for a Bagel Shop had been percolating at the back of my mind for a couple of years, but the operation of a daytime business seemed at odds with my lifestyle as a bar owner.

Before there was Wise Bagel, there was Wise Bar; which opened May of 2014. The goal was to be a small, friendly, local spot, with a focus on great beer. During its five and half years, it found its footing and grew into a community space for events big and small. It was the best of times, full of friends and memories.

Wise Bar closed on March 15, 2020 to wait out the COVID19 pandemic. During the lockdown I, like so many others, became ultra-sentimental for the traditional meals I've shared with family and friends. (A zoom Seder just doesn't cut it!) As the city stayed shut, I began to reimagine how I could best use my space to benefit the neighbourhood and community. The idea for Wise Bagel solidified. I'm so excited to share some amazing food with you. I've sourced truly delicious products, from smoked fish, to coffee, to cheese and preserves, and of course...bagels! I am also making a few things in house that I hope will make my Mama proud.


Hello there, my name is Melissa Dubois, and I am the proud owner + visionary behind The Beach Market in Crystal Beach!

The Beach Market is a small, community driven shop that curates a selection of local handmade goods, as well as providing grocery and ready to eat menu items. The Beach Market is proud to serve as an inclusive space for all members of our community and surrounding areas. We are proud to offer a supported volunteer program of which helps individuals in their rehabilitation programming following a motor vehicle accident.

Our goal here at The Beach Market is to spread the love of all things local! We support our local farmers by selling their delicious produce & creating as many fresh items with them as possible- from cold pressed juice to soups and everything in between! We take joy in partnering with like-minded businesses in Niagara Region like The Bagel Oven to ensure we are truly bringing you products with heart!

Melissa has an extensive background in the rehabilitation industry serving as Clinical Director of a rehabilitation agency and a background in behavioural therapy. Through vast community work experience and recognizing the need to “close gaps” while providing empowering rehabilitation opportunities, the second pillar of The Beach Market was born. A dual passion for inclusion and cooking makes The Beach Market incredibly unique and a place that everyone can enjoy! Melissa especially loves chatting with members of the community and spreading joy & love to all she meets!

Hey there! I'm Joshy. Toronto born but Southern California raised, my first experience with cured fish came at the young age of 5 when, after trout fishing with my grandfather, he hung his trout in a smoking hut on the beach.Many years later, when I was 17 I took a trip to Copenhagen and tasted Gravlax for the first time and, well, the rest is history. Moving back to Canada from Portland Oregon I was given the chance to work and manage Schmaltz Appetizing for Anthony Rose and Robert Wilder and this gave way to a true passion for cured fish. Having moved to Hamilton in 2019 with my fiancée, it was in the summer of 2020 that I decided to take the chance to become self-employed and started Joshy’s Good Eats…

Discover, embrace and taste the cultural tradition and spirit of sharing that is at the core of the healthy yerba mate lifestyle. Chris, owner of Mahtay café & Lounge, was inspired by how cafés bring about the romance, great storytelling, and revolutionary ideas for the betterment of the community. Him and his core team have cultivated a communal place for all; it’s a community oriented café & lounge designed to let you explore food, coffee and drinks in a way that truly emphasizes your individuality and sense of adventure.

Bagel Oven Hole-in-the-Wall Seal of Approval

Our Hole-in-the-Wall venders value excellent customer service, offer the highest quality products and believe in small businesses empowering each other. Look for our certification stamp in the window and be confident you are in for a treat!

Bagel Oven Hole-in-the-Wall Instant Bagel Shop

Our Hole-in-the-Wall Bagel Shop program helps bars, restaurants, store and cafe owners get on the fast-track to making their bagel shop dreams a reality! These shops are owned and operated by some of our best local entrepreneurs, we are here to help however we can and of course we make sure they are always stocked with Niagara’s best bagels!

To learn more about becoming a Hole-in-the-Wall, please email us at info.thebageloven@gmail.com and we look forward to hearing from you!

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