Who We are

The Bagel Oven is a family-run bakehouse specializing in traditional Jewish bagel & bread. Located in the heart of Niagara's food and wine region we are open to the public for “factory direct” curbside pickup. You can also find us on the shelves at many of your favorite specialty grocers, and on the menu at some of Niagara’s best hotels, restaurants, and cafes. We also have Bagel Oven Hole-in-the-Wall bagel shops scattered throughout Niagara and into the GTA. These shops are owned and operated by some of our best local entrepreneurs and we are proud that they have chosen to co-brand their shops and exclusively offer Bagel Oven bagels on their menus.

What inspires us

Simple pleasures - a life well lived that benefits our family, our business, and our community, now and into the future. Running The Bagel Oven, we work with a terrific team to make products we are proud of. Distributing to our wonderful customers through a network of other local entrepreneurs running small businesses, we strengthen each other and build a solid future for our community.

On A Personal Note

Growing up in Toronto, Jewish culture, tradition, and food always played an important role in my life. Many of my most cherished memories involve family and friends gathering around dining room tables to enjoy traditional foods and good times together. The idea to open The Bagel Oven came when my husband Steve and I first moved to the Niagara region with our two small children Lily-May and Charlie. We fell in love with the area, in particular how it lends itself to a simpler life with a focus on good food and strong community. The local food scene was thriving, but ethnic bread was hard to find and there was no local bagel baker providing this classic comfort food.

Our interests were piqued - memories of visiting bagel bakeries in Montreal, the smells and sounds, and tastes of these iconic bakehouses filled our minds. Years of debate about Montreal vs Toronto vs Ottawa vs Vancouver bagels flooded back; my Bubbie's years of work at Rodal's Hebrew Bookshop and Gift Store, my Zadie's paintings full of themes of Jewish life and food filled my heart, and suddenly there seemed to be no more exciting idea for a family business than bringing Jewish bagels to the Niagara region. We set about using all our best memories to create and test out our own recipes and our bagel fans agree that our bagels and breads really hit the mark!

Our commitment: we keep things simple - fresh, delicious bagels and bread made just for you. It’s our pleasure!

Come Bake With Us!

We'd love to have you on The Bagel Oven team

Meet the team

Jessica Bretzlaff




Steven Bretzlaff




Brittany Szabo

Production Manager



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